Andy Robertson

digital talent recruitment

Time to Streamline Those Long-Winded Recruitment Processes.

In any business context it is time that kills deals and as with any competitive situation the first to market is usually the winner. This is becoming increasingly relevant to the digital tech recruitment and selection process where slow moving processes result in missing out on the best candidates.     Many larger organisations use well …

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hiring tools

Improving Recruitment Agency Efficiency.

The old traditional way of sifting resumes from job applicants has changed significantly in the last ten years. Manually checking resumes has become a task now performed by sophisticated hiring tool technology making the entire recruitment and selection process more efficient.    There are however, some recruitment agencies that still insist on manually checking resumes …

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Mentoring and Onboarding.

In the recruitment and selection process the onboarding of new talent is often left as an afterthought. Great onboarding for new employees is an essential part of keeping people long term. It gets very expensive to recruit and retain great talent so organisations should invest in an onboarding and welcome programme that makes new recruits feel …

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