Collaboration Tools and Productivity.

The last 10 years has seen an increasing number of cloud-based collaboration tools in use particularly in the digital tech sector. Many tools have their roots in the tech start-up community and were initially adopted by developers and later by talent in all functions of a business. 


It has been suggested that email is a dying form of communication and anyone who has worked in the digital tech sector will tell you that developers rarely use email let alone read or respond to emails sent to them. Tools like Slack were always preferred by technical talent because the platforms made it easy to share code that project groups were working on. In a similar style Trello has become the preferred platform for collaboration and management of tech projects. 


Collaboration Platforms. 

Whilst Slack and Trello are probably the most popular and preferred collaboration platforms currently available there are over 50 other collaboration software tools that are widely used with some of the popular options being: 


  • Asana
  • Microsoft 365
  • Flock
  • Ryver
  • Podio 

The benefits of all these popular platforms is that most are free to use until more users or features are required. They all have solid support and development making them reliable tools for constant collaboration.  


Impact on Productivity. 

On the whole users find that using these tools help them do their jobs more effectively and therefore increase productivity with faster delivery of key tech projects for example. Digital tech talent will get used to using particular platforms and if they change jobs to a new company, they may be faced with learning to use a different platform. There is therefore a learning curve for new recruits although it is common for job descriptions in include experience of specific collaboration platforms as a requirement. As the collaboration software market develops organisations have adopted their preferred platform but it is not unusual for an organisation to be using different platforms in different departments. When this happens there will be an impact of productivity as different departments cannot easily transfer relevant data or project information that may be critical to delivery. 


With so many collaboration tools available and additional software platforms for meetings like Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts Meet and Cisco Webex Meetings it’s no wonder that an individual’s productivity can be impacted by having to juggle their work and collaboration between different platforms some of which are compatible and some that are not. For an agency or consultancy style business with numerous clients it will make sense for talent to use and understand every different cloud platform in order to meet the needs of their clients. For organisations without an agency client relationship, it will make sense for the CTO to assess and make an informed decision about which collaboration and meeting platforms the organisation will use and that decision will be the standard for all employees irrespective of department function. The standard platforms used can then be specified on any job descriptions created in the hiring process for open roles.  


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