Cross Border International Recruitment.

As hiring companies increase the need to recruit the right talent for open roles recruitment managers are adopting a more flexible approach to shortlisting candidates from counties outside the role position location. How are hiring managers adapting to this change and what are the challenges and advantages or adopting a positive cross border recruitment policy.   

Cross border international recruitment is gaining popularity particularly in the digital tech space. This is due to technology being increasingly borderless in nature as work moves to the cloud and tasks can be completed easily online. Reporting and collaboration is easier now that online conference calls using Zoom, GoToMeeting and Skype have become the norm. A handful of technology and digital tech companies now have sizeable workforces that can work in any country where all work and collaboration is done online.  

Advantages of Cross Border Recruitment. 

By opening up roles to the international market hiring managers instantly increase the talent base from which to select suitable candidates. This can be advantageous where the local market conditions have created a shortage of skills and experience for a specific position. Recruiting great candidates from another country can also circumnavigate the in-country salary demands and it may be possible to recruit the right candidate at a lower salary. Recruiting foreign nationals can increase the organisation’s commitment to diversity too.  

Hurdles of Cross Border Recruitment.  

When shortlisting candidates from overseas it’s important to consider how the recruitment and selection process will work. Interviewing online has become the normal process in current times but it is always preferable to meet shortlisted candidates in person. Is there enough budget allocated to allow for flying these candidates in? It’s also vital that local rules and immigration regulations are thoroughly checked before considering this route. Many countries have strict requirements for the employment of foreign nationals that must be satisfied before the appropriate visa and work permits can be issued. Also consider any potential language and cultural barriers that may cause issues once a talent has been recruited. Finally, in the interview process it is important to understand the candidate’s motivation in applying for any open roles. Are they more interested in the role and the organisation or is the candidate using the employment route to gain entry to the country only?

With the increase in demand in the digital tech space for cross borer recruitment some of these hurdles may be overcome if the open role is based in the candidate’s home country because technology now allows talent to work in an online environment.  

One such company who are game changing the face of recruitment by providing a robust process to ensure more efficient cross border international recruitment using any channel is Hire Digital, a start-up recruitment company with a global presence that has invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage the digital tech recruitment process. Their talent management software platform gives digital talent recruiters a strict criterion for posting job adverts and descriptions and their AI works in such a way that it generates a much smaller more targeted candidate list by using up to 40,000 attributes. They key to this is efficiency, recruiters spend less time generating job advertisements and trawling through hundreds of CV’s to get their shortlist, Hire Digital tech can rapidly access up to 1bn talent globally. 

Hire Digital is an AI technology with a human touch that is completely revolutionising the recruitment and selection process. It’s two times faster, 50 % cheaper and ten times more accurate than traditional hiring tech. To find out more speak to Robin Brohl at Hire Digital he is a real person and would love to engage with you and help you streamline your recruitment processes.