The Increasing Importance of Identifying Candidate’s Soft Skills.

The experience and skills that a candidate has can be demonstrated in the recruiting process and are reasonably straightforward for hiring managers to assess but how can a candidate’s soft skills be assessed? Soft skills are becoming more important in the workplace and are a key element in matching candidates to a position and workplace.   

In recent studies by LinkedIn it was estimated that 89% of bad hires have been blamed on candidate’s lack of soft skills, typically this may include creativity, persuasion, teamwork, collaboration, adaptability, and time management for example. Such skills have traditionally been lacking in the digital tech sector particularly for technology related roles where the focus has been in assessing technical programming ability, coding and developer skills. 

The days of simple a two-page resume followed by two interviews are numbered and hiring managers want to assess both a candidate’s technical ability and their soft skills. Using hiring tools can help to sift applications and are good for analysing a candidate’s technical skills but implementing psychometric and attitude tests can be time consuming and expensive. Managing the recruitment and selection process for digital tech companies is changing fast and human resources functions are ideally placed to investigate how AI recruitment can completely revamp the assessment process. Aside from using thousands of attributes and streamlined criteria AI recruitment can help with the incorporation of tests designed specifically to identify key soft skills.                

Hiring managers are increasingly interested in understanding a candidate’s soft skills because more often than not it is a predictor of future job performance. Unlike technical skills soft skills cannot really be learnt and so accurate assessment is vital. Psychometric tests can help to predict a candidate’s workplace behavioural patterns, teamwork dynamics, ethical dilemmas, conflict resolution, and other similar factors. A robust recruitment and selection process using AI can increase the accuracy of assessing digital talent because it measures both hard and soft skills making it a great predictor of a candidate’s future job role performance.  

One such company who are game changing the face of recruitment by providing a robust process to ensure quality candidates is Hire Digital, a start-up recruitment company with a global presence that has invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage the digital tech recruitment process. Their talent management software platform gives digital talent recruiters a strict criterion for posting job adverts and descriptions and their AI works in such a way that it generates a much smaller more targeted candidate list by using up to 40,000 attributes. They key to this is efficiency, recruiters spend less time generating job advertisements and trawling through hundreds of CV’s to get their shortlist, Hire Digital tech can rapidly access up to 1bn talent globally. 

Hire Digital is an AI technology with a human touch that is completely revolutionising the recruitment and selection process. It’s two times faster, 50 % cheaper and ten times more accurate than traditional hiring tech. To find out more speak to Robin Brohl at Hire Digital, he is a real person and would love to engage with you and help you streamline your recruitment processes.