Work Culture and Candidate Fit in the Recruitment Process.

A good employer will always manage the dichotomy of the need for good cultural fit balanced with diversity in the recruitment and selection process. At first sight this seems like a difficult balance to achieve, particularly in the digital tech environment but it’s worth investing time and effort to get this right.  

In the last fifteen years or so the digital tech space has put great emphasis on cultural fit and this has become normal practice. The result of this short-sightedness is a workforce that becomes boringly homogenous which can stifle innovation and creates a workforce where diversity is absent. To some extent this promotes a subjective approach to recruitment by human resources with candidate being rejected solely because they were not seen as a ‘good cultural fit’  

They way forward for talent management is to be far more objective in their recruitment and selection process where there is a balance between skills, knowledge, experience and cultural fit with a fair balance of these different attributes. Although some digital tech companies can become successful by recruiting clones of their workforce, they are potentially missing opportunities to become even more successful by not diversifying their workforce where there are greater opportunities for growth and innovation that have likely been previously overlooked.  

Hiring managers should consider having a balanced process in place in their recruitment strategies that focuses on skills to do the job and then factors in experience, knowledge and cultural fit. The prime focus of the cultural fit assessment should not be left to the subjective view of senior manager for example, but should be an objective assessment of how the candidate fits with the company’s core values, company mission, and overall vision.  

The challenge for companies in the digital tech space is to build company culture and team cohesion that can be embraced by baby boomers, Gen Z, and Millennials along with their varying expectations and career aspirations. Assigning an approach to using key attributes that balances cultural fit and diversity can in part be achieved by using newly available AI recruitment hiring tools.   

One such company who are game changing the face of recruitment by providing a robust process to ensure more efficient recruitment is Hire Digital, a start-up recruitment company with a global presence that has invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage the digital tech recruitment process. Their talent management software platform gives digital talent recruiters a strict criterion for posting job adverts and descriptions and their AI works in such a way that it generates a much smaller more targeted candidate list by using up to 40,000 attributes. They key to this is efficiency, recruiters spend less time generating job advertisements and trawling through hundreds of CV’s to get their shortlist, Hire Digital tech can rapidly access up to 1bn talent globally. 

Hire Digital is an AI technology with a human touch that is completely revolutionising the recruitment and selection process. It’s two times faster, 50 % cheaper and ten times more accurate than traditional hiring tech. To find out more speak to Robin Brohl at Hire Digital, he is a real person and would love to engage with you and help you streamline your recruitment processes.